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Inclusive Safety and Health Policies

Employers must address a myriad of new operational realities, such as protecting the safety and health of all employees, including employees with pre-existing medical conditions that may place them at higher-risk of COVID-19-related complications. Please share your ideas on ensuring safety and health policies, programs and activities are inclusive of peop...

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Inclusive Mental Health Policies

Recovery efforts are underway, and state and local policymakers are turning their focus to helping employers retain their workforce, including supporting the mental health needs of workers. What elements are essential to ensure mental health supports, such as employers' policies, programs and activities, are inclusive of people with disabilities and align...

Number of Ideas: 10
Inclusive Vaccination Policies

Vaccination efforts are underway across the country. Please share your ideas on the considerations that should be taken into account in state and local vaccination programs and activities as well as employer vaccination policies to ensure they are inclusive of people with disabilities and align with our nation's disability rights laws and regulations.

Number of Ideas: 10
Inclusive Pre-Employment Education and Training Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic poses significant operational challenges to the implementation of pre-employment education and training programs (e.g., apprenticeships, community colleges, trade schools and universities), including those for transitioning youth and adults with disabilities. What elements are essential to ensuring pre-employment education and traini...

Number of Ideas: 3
Inclusive Telework Policies

Over the last year, employers and employees have learned to do business differently. Many employers have introduced telework policies to protect all employees' safety and health while continuing to offer meaningful employment opportunities. Going forward, how do we ensure telework policies are inclusive of people with disabilities and align with our natio...

Number of Ideas: 9
Inclusive Reskilling and Upskilling Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many Americans work and, in some cases, upended entire industries. How can state and local policymakers ensure reskilling and upskilling policies, programs and activities (e.g., apprenticeships, on-the-job training, career pathways programs and employer-based learning) are inclusive of people with disabilities and...

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